Great insults

//Great insults

Great insults

Great insults

🤣 If you’re going to act like a turd, go lie in the yard.


🤣 Has anybody ever told you that you are incredibly average?


🤣 You fail, so did your dads condom.


🤣 You grow on people….so does cancer.


🤣 Your ugly – and your living proof that abortion should be legal.


🤣 Learn from your parents mistakes, use birth control.


🤣 I like you, you remind me of how it feels after I drop a huge deuce in the toilet.


🤣 The smartest thing that ever came out your mouth was a penis.


🤣 If I throw a stick, will you leave?


🤣 Some babies were dropped on their heads but clearly you were thrown at the wall.


🤣 Nice outfit. Go stand on a street corner, you could make some money.


🤣 I have way more important things to do than thinking about what you have to say to me.


🤣 Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?


🤣 You’re not stupid, your just possessed by a retarded ghost.


🤣 Better at sex than anyone? Now all you need is a partner.


🤣 Don’t get your panties in a bunch!


🤣 Acting like a dick won’t make yours any bigger.


🤣 If you want a good comeback you should go lick your mums face.


🤣 I would insult you back but Mother Natures has already done such a fine job, I just couldn’t compete.


🤣 You’re so stupid that you had to call 411 to get the number for 911.


🤣 So you’ve changed your mind? Does this one work any better?


🤣 Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere?


🤣 Do you have to leave so soon? I was about to poison the tea.


🤣 Funny you should call me an ugly bitch, your daddy likes to call me princess and other beautiful names, while he is dry humping my leg.


🤣 Is that perfume or marinade?


🤣 So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.


🤣 Why don’t you go play in traffic?

🤣 I’m fat because every time I did your mom she gave me a cookie.


🤣 Shut up, you’ll never be the man your mother is!


🤣 How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?


🤣 You’re spreading rumors about me? At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs.


🤣 I’d slap you, but that would be animal abuse.


🤣 It’s scary to think that people like you are allowed to vote.


🤣 Out of millions of sperm, you were the fastest?


🤣 I called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse.


🤣 I’m a lot better than what you have to look at in the mirror every morning.


🤣 You must have been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happen.


🤣 I thought I said goodbye to you this morning when I flushed the toilet.


🤣 I wish I had a lower I.Q, maybe then I could enjoy your company.


🤣 This is why people talk about you when you’re not around.


🤣 I don’t have the time or energy to sink to your level; you have a nice day though.

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